Tsukilox is the opposite of Enderlox

Tsukilox wallpaper2


Tsukilox was awakened from a 50 year slumber because of Enderlox, who was after Sky. It's unknown how Tsukilox was in a 50 year slumber because Enderlox wasn't even an Enderdragon Hybrid yet.

Tsukilox once saved Endersky from Enderlox's possession by singing to him. Even though Tsukilox sounds and looks like Deadlox, his singing voice is different. He is called "The Deadlox with The Beautiful Voice" because of his singing voice.


Tsukilox is Enderlox's opposite, he can also be considered his brother because even their worlds are opposite. (Enderlox = The End. Tsukilox = The Beginning.)

Darklox Alternate StorylineEdit

Tsukilox appears at the end of Darklox's alternate storyline. He's hiding, but he's smiling at Deadlox and Sky. He's the only one that remembers what happened before Darklox changes the future. Tsukilox lost his angel wings and his Enderdragon tail, since there was no Enderlox anymore, so Tsukilox became a human.

"Zy... Thank you for your sacrifice... You saved Dy. But, you've ended up turning me into a human. I became completely normal. I didn't want this, but you've given Enderlox a chance to live a normal life..." Tsukilox whispered.


  • Tsukilox's name means Moonlox
  • Tsukilox's true name is Cy
  • Although Tsukilox is an angel, he is still half-Enderdragon like Enderlox is. (Tsukilox has an Enderdragon tail.)
  • In Darklox's alternate storyline, Tsukilox is hiding.


  • Enderlox - Brother