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    • So.. Hi. I like KTS Project and I have some questions for you:

      1. What's the concept of this? 2. Where did the story starts, the world outside of the normal world? For example:

        "Endersky finds Hikari unconscious in the middle of    'nowhere'." Hikari probably comes from the normal world.

      3. If I've got character designs, how can I send them?

      • If I have English mistakes, I'm sorry. I'm not so good at English.*
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    • Okay, I am bad at explaining my own thing, but I'll try anyways...

      1: The concept of KTS Project is something that combines Minecraft and Vocaloid.(A Japanese/English/Chinese/Korean/Spanish voice synthesizer program... yes, there are voices in all of those languages, mostly Japanese.)

      2: The story starts in a world that has the main character, Endersky (A.K.A 'SkyDoesMinecraft (Choker)') sealed away in a crystal prison, in a mysterious world made of gold. He's freed from it and he finds his twin brother, after his brother was led to him by a mysterious being.

      3: You can send them to me through E-mail or something.

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    • Okay, I've more questions. 1. What The Hell Is Your Email??? (sorry) 2. Where does SSaturdee & Lunarlox live? (I know it's hard to explain but keep it up!) 3. For love and life, I know KTS stands for nothing, but where did you get it from? 4. To avoid copyright problems, my friend needs permission to write a novel based off from the original story. Also Hana's story too.

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    • Umm...Hi. I cancel all of my questions. But still, I have seven characters I want to introduce to you.

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    • Okay, but, still your friend can have permission to write a novel based off of the original story and Hana's story.

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