A Second Sky Awakens was originally based off of the original story of KTS Project, it was changed to match the new story
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. This story has a W.I.P (Work in Progress) manga.


After a few years, locked away in a world of gold, a second SkyDoesMinecraft awakens. While in the normal world, a strange Enderdragon-like being finds out about this Sky. SkyDoesMinecraft suddenly saw this Enderdragon-like being and it said "Follow me Sky... You can trust me...". The Enderdragon like being led Sky to the second SkyDoesMinecraft. The second Sky only had one difference: instead of an amulet, he's wearing a choker with the same colors.

A few hours after Sky found Endersky, he told Endersky: "Nobody remembers you except for me, also everyone keeps talking about some mysterious Enderdragon-like being flying around, the one that led me to you." Endersky suddenly transformed into the same being from before: Enderlox. Endersky, as Enderlox, was found by the real Enderlox and since everyone wanted to find the Enderdragon-like being, Enderlox brought Endersky somewhere where everyone could see him.


There is only one SkyDoesMinecraft but there is another one, locked away where no one could find him. "Finally... I can be with you again... Sky..." The second Sky said. "What's that?" Sky thought. A figure stared at Sky as if saying follow me, then it flew away. "Follow me Sky... You can trust me..." The mysterious being said. "Uh... Okay?" Sky said. "Is that..." Sky said. There was a person who looked exactly like Sky, but he only has one difference: instead of an amulet, he's wearing a choker with the same colors. "Sky?" Sky said. "It's nice to be awakened again... Oh... Sky! Do you remember me?" The mysterious Sky said. "Sky..." Sky said. "So you do remember me!" The mysterious Sky said. "Why did you disappear a long time ago?" Sky asked. "I actually don't know..."

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