Endetou is the Empress of The End. When Enderlox became the Lord of The End, she wasn't the Empress anymore.


Endetou was the true ruler of The End. She is a female spirit of a Enderdragon and the Empress of The End. When Enderlox became the Lord of The End, Endetou wasn't the ruler anymore. When she finds a dead body in The End, she keeps them inside of crystals.

KTS Project: RevengeEdit

Endetou appears in the final story of KTS Project's second story: KTS Project: Revenge.


Endetou appears when Enderlox has killed Deadlox and has become a human again. His son, Yinlox has died as well. She tells Enderlox that Deadlox and Yinlox can be revived, then she made their bodies be absorbed into two crystals. Then she said "Now they can't be revived."

Enderlox saw her when he became a Enderdragon hybrid and was known as Enderlox. Endetou is now after Darklox, the next Enderlox. Darklox was supposed to be Enderlox a long time ago and ever since then, Endetou has had her eyes on him.



  • Endetou might be based off of Suigintou from Rozen Maiden because of the tou parts of their names are pronounced the same way.

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